What are cookies and why do we use them

What are cookies?

A cookie is a short text that a website sends to your browser when your visit takes place. Thus, the website recognises you by remembering data about your visit and provides you with a friendly and simpler online service. Cookies help us to customise the content of our website, remember your preferences and record visits on our website. The use of cookies makes browsing our website easier, faster and, above all, more efficient.

Why our website uses cookies

Cookies are an important means for the retention of fresh and relevant content in line with the interests and preferences of individual internet users. The reasons for the use of cookies derive from their features (one of which is the storage of data about the status of an individual website), they help in collecting various statistics, since only through the use of cookies can the frequency of visits to a specific website be monitored. Cookies also allow the website administrator to evaluate the efficiency of the website design.

Which cookies we use

  • Strictly necessary cookies: these cookies are crucial because they allow users to browse the website and users of the functions of the website and/or offer uses the requested service. Grafika Soča does not require the user’s permission to use these cookies, therefore they are always installed on a device. They are set when the user performs any kind of interaction with the website.
  • Web analytics cookies: these cookies help Grafika Soča to understand how users use websites. Cookies help Grafika Soča to improve the user experience and to identify user requirements and trends. Grafika Soča only uses these cookies if the user agrees.

Strictly necessary cookies

Cookie name: CONSENT
Cookie storage period: 10 years
Administrator: Google
Cookie description: is a cookie-free domain for the delivery of static content (JavaScript code, images and CSS) to another domain in order to reduce bandwith usage and increase network capacity.

Cookie name: NID
Cookie storage period: 6 months
Administrator: Google
Cookie description: Google uses NID cookies to store user information and settings in order to offer customised services when using Google maps.

Web analytics cookies

Cookie’s name: _gid
Service: Google Analytics
Cookie storage period: 1 day
Administrator: Google
Cookie description: Web analytics using Google Universal Analytics. The cookie is used to group user behaviour for each user.

Cookie name: _ga
Service: Google Analytics
Cookie storage period: 2 years
Administrator: Google
Cookie description: Web analytics using Google Universal Analytics. This cookie is used to track visitors. Google Analytics identifies users with a unique identificatory named
‘client id’. This is stored in _ga cookie together with other parameters.

Cookie name: _gat
Service: Google Analytics
Cookie storage period: 10 minutes
Administrator: Google
Cookie description: This cookie is used to control the frequency of requests in Google Analytics to increase the efficiency of network calls.

Changing cookies settings

By clicking on the button below you can change the privacy settings.

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