Grafika Soča

Committed to printing and bookbinding over 75 years

GRAFIKA SOČA was established at the end of 1947 as a small bookbindery, which used to help organise papers/materials for the Gorica Archive following the return of Primorska to the Motherland. The company bought its first printing press in 1961, and thereafter the development of the printing part of its production began. Since 2007, Grafika Soča has been a member of the Mladinska knjiga Group.

Today, Grafika Soča wholly controls the process of creating printed matter; from print preparation to printing and various types of bindings.

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Mladinska Knjiga Založba, MIŠ založba, DIDAKTA, VIDA založba, OGNJIŠČE, FRUCTAL, TKK Srpenica, TITUS, ILIRIJA, DZS, Planinska zveza Slovenije, Lovska zveza Slovenije, MAHLE, ETA Kamnik, RECCOM, Pomorski muzej Piran, MGS PRESS, EDICICLO EDITORE, založba MLADIKA, BEISLER EDITORE,…

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